Chris Hammel

The second I met Adam I was impressed. A firm handshake and eye contact are rare these days and I knew I was meeting with someone courteous and professional. Adam asked if I would mind if he took some shots of my barbershop and I said of course without having seen any of his work. We walked around for a bit and I gave him free reign of the shop to ensure he got the shots he wanted. He asked me a few questions about how my business started and conversation flowed so naturally. It was like I had known him for years. He told me about other videos he’s done and mentioned that he wanted to edit the footage and put it up on his YouTube Chanel. A few short days later Adam sent me a link and I couldn’t believe what he had put together in such a short timeframe. Not only has the video brought me business but it got me really excited to work with Adam again in the future. It’s so impressive to see someone so driven and talented with a great understanding of someone’s aesthetic and overall vibe.
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